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NOTE: This course runs only once per calendar year

Working as an Interpreter in mental health settings is, without a doubt, the most complex of almost all settings. The "rules" for interpreting are adjusted to fit this particular and specialized environment. Mental health is very sensitive, and replete with stigmas, taboos, and diverse beliefs about what causes mental illness, what mental health is, and how to talk about it. It can be a very difficult area for the untrained interpreter. Combining health, culture, communication and language, the interpreter must navigate complicated processes of message transmission in a setting that is highly dynamic. This engaging and intensive educational program provides a unique training opportunity, the only one of its kind in Canada, and will give you the specialized skill base to work in an area of growing demand for interpreters.

This course is currently only offered one time per calendar year. It can also be provided or adapted for on-site for organizations interested in a more robust education for their interpreters. Please contact us for more information and current schedules.


Course Overview

Course Title: Interpreting in Mental Health Settings

Length: 45 hours - 25 hours of live instruction, plus an additional 20 hours of self-directed, online course materials.

Prerequisite: Interpreting in Healthcare Settings

Content Overview:

  • Interpreting in Mental Health Settings Model: The 3E's of the Collaborative Model
  • Dynamics and Communication Challenges of Working in Mental Health Settings
  • Mental Healthcare System in Canada: Who are the Practitioners, Specialists and Agencies
  • Mental Illness: Categories, Diagnoses and Treatments
  • Pharmaceuticals and other Medications
  • Cultural Issues Affecting Mental Health and the Mental Health Interview
  • Models of Inter-cultural Communication
  • Understanding the Terminology of Mental Health and Illness
  • Trauma, Secondary Trauma and Interpreter Self-care
  • Expert Guest Instructors and Presenters
  • Student Manual included

Course Certificate:

Students that successfully complete this program will receive a Certificate of Completion, which is recognized by all Interpreter recruiting agencies.


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